Recommended Specification


Fusion bonded epoxy powder coating to be applied  by electrostatic deposition in designated areas to a thickness of .012 inch MDFT. Surface preparation: Blast to SSPC 10 (NACE 2) bare white metal surface with a minimum .002inch profile using #36 oxide aluminum grit. No contact with skin, or oily tooling is permitted prior to coating, i.e. clean metal tooling only shall come in contact with surface to be coated. Coating integrity shall be made using a Tinker Rasor 67-1/2 volt wet sponge holiday. Coating thickness to be confirmed with DeFelsko Series 6000 Gage.A 300 volt AC hi-pot Arc test shall be performed with no appearance of bright white Arc. A Rock Island Arsenal (160 lbs.-in) impact test shall be performed on accompanying test panel with no chipping or other coating damage in evidence.This specification will include a designated powder type and shop drawing or print, indicating mill thickness and areas to be Fusecoated.




    Machined Areas-Face Of Coating


        Coat ID (Inside Diameter) Only


                                                         Fusecote Specifications Instructions