Intake Airline Tanks Pump

   Intake Manifold       Airline Toilets       Tanks Coated         Pumps Etc.


selective coat impellar

            Selective Coating               Split Case Centrifugal Pump


 Here are some examples of selectively applied Fusecote powder coatings. 


     Coated Desalination Unit Frame

       Coated Rev. Osmosis Desalination Frame
    select coating
               High Volume Pump                  Selective Masking Inside Pump


  Rev Osmos brine

                 Rev.Osmosis Water Desalination Unit                 Salt Brine Pumps 

  Sewer Lift Vault Electrical Busbars

                 Sewer Lift Vault Coated by Fusecote         Electrical Busbars Prior to Coating 

  Fusecote insulated Fusecote 1000volts DC resistance per mill thickness

                        Insulated Electrical Busbars         1000 volts DC Resistance Per mill Thickness

  Fractional Horsepower  gate valve srpings

                              Fractional HP Motor Stators                         Gate Valve Spring               

  Retrofit tolerances Train SewageTanks

Aircraft Jacks With Hydraulic Fluid Resistant Coating.

Train Sewage Holding Tanks   

      Coated Tanks Pressure Vessel Coated

                               Coated Tanks                          Pressure Vessel Coated In & Out

   Aircraft Jacks  Aircraft Tank

     Boeing Commercial Aircraft Jacks Stainless Aircraft H20 Tank .010inch Epoxy inner surfaces. 


Blind Areas app

Our Technicians Can Apply Fusecote To Blind Areas 

Apollo hardware

The Apollo Command Module (1966) 


FUSECOTE was used extensively by NASA throughout construction of this and susequent vehicles, as a non-flammable electrical insulation, which has excellent edge coverage and abrasion resistence.


   Apollo Technology


 The Apollo Space Vehicles electrical harnessing hardware is coated with Fusecote  insulating powder to prevent the shorting or grounding of any conductor which may come in contact with it. In addition to use as a dielectric insulation, FUSECOTE is used in space vehicles because it contains no solvents which could subsequently outgas in the pure vacuum of outer space.


  Faraday Effect 

Powder particles are attracted to a grounded part because they carry a negative electrical charge. This "Faraday Effect" (named after the English scientist Michael Farraday who recognized it), describes the tendancy of like charges to repel one another, thus making it difficult to coat expanded metals, mesh or inside corners. Overcoming this electrical phenomenom requires special expertise.